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Print Press Gears

Gutenberg: Moving WordPress (And Your Website) Forward

By Gail Randolph | Mar 23, 2018

“The printing press ushered in social, political, and economic sea changes. Gutenberg changed everything. It’s time for WordPress’ next big thing, the thing that helps us deal with our challenges and opportunities. The thing that changes the world. Gutenberg.” – Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Founder The inventor of the printing press, Johannes Gutenberg, changed the world…

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Schema Database Flowchart

Stand Out On Google Using Schema Markup (A Quick How-To)

By Amber Brown | Mar 9, 2018

We know what you’re thinking. A quick guide to what-a? Schema (pronounced shee-mah) might sound foreign and complicated, but we’re here to help you easily master it. Learn to properly use schema and your website listing on search engine results pages will be detailed, distinct and get more clicks. Schema is structured data that translates web…

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2018 Goals

2018: A Roadmap To Connecting Customers

By Roy Randolph | Jan 12, 2018

We know how hectic these first few weeks can be, so we are sending a quick note to share with you a few exciting changes and updates KartHost™ will be debuting in 2018. This year we really want to focus on connecting our customers to as many resources as possible to guide them through their…

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2018 Goals

How To Write Goals For Your Website

By Gail Randolph | Jan 9, 2018

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery The beginning of a new year always symbolizes the beginning of a fresh, new start. With goal-setting season in full swing, what are you setting out to achieve in 2018? Have you had time to sit down and ask yourself what you…

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Website Layout

How To Make Your Best Website Ever Using WordPress

By Amber Brown | Dec 28, 2017

Your website works as a 24/7 advertisement for your brand and business. A poorly built site will give visitors a bad impression and send them looking elsewhere to meet their needs. We therefore often get asked “what makes a website/blog great?” There are several key characteristics that help ensure you have a high quality website that…

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Time to Upgrade

Top 5 Signs Your Website Needs An Upgrade

By Gail Randolph | Nov 30, 2017

Does your website make you proud? Is it the best possible reflection of your business or venture?  Let’s face it, in today’s digital, tech-addicted world, most people’s first impression of you will be based upon what they see online. Their first stop is going to be your website. So how does your site stack up?…

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WordPress Background

WordPress 4.9 is LIVE: See Whats New

By Gail Randolph | Nov 16, 2017

“New features in 4.9 will smooth your design workflow and keep you safe from coding errors.” – Mel Choyce, WordPress Blog The newest version of WordPress has been released –  WordPress 4.9 – dubbed “Tipton”. Fun Fact: WordPress core developers agree they all share at least one thing in common, a love for jazz music, and have…

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EZWP Builder

KartHost EZWP Builder Announcement of Beaver Builder 2.0

By Gail Randolph | Nov 10, 2017

You are going to LOVE THIS!!! If you are a KartHost EZWP Builder customer, you will really love the new 2.0! With the recent Monumental announcement of Beaver Builder 2.0, KartHost is thrilled to let you know that all KartHost EZWP Builder Members will be upgraded within the next few weeks.  Be watching for your personal…

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WordPress 4.8.2

WordPress 4.9 Preview

By Gail Randolph | Oct 26, 2017

WordPress 4.9 is on the horizon, with an expected release date of Nov. 14. The release brings upgrades to the customizer, new widgets and even easier coding options for developers. Read on to find out more about the exciting updates below. The most current version of WordPress 4.8.2 was released Sept. 19. The release addressed and…

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