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The 2009 Google Searchology Event

By Roy | Jul 19, 2009

May 2012 UPDATE – Things have changed a lot over the last 3 years in the internet world and will continue to change. While having a presence in forums is a good thing, video is even bigger and will continue to be a BIG player more so than it was in 2009. In May, Google…

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Using Targeted Newsletters for Marketing

By Roy | Jul 10, 2009

Targeted email newsletters can be very economical, and can be a great way to build more of a connection with your customers. The key question to ask first is, “How do I start?” Most of us don’t realize how much data we have in our businesses that we are either not using, or are ignoring.…

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Twittering Your Business

By Roy | Jun 23, 2009

Social networking sites can be a great way to extend you reach to your customers, as long as it isn’t overdone. More contact is great, and can be used to your marketing advantage, but balance it so you don’t seem chatty like high school. You want to reach your customers, but still look professional. Twitter…

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Web Analytics for Your Website

By Roy | Jun 20, 2009

Before we begin, what are Web Analytics? At its simplest level, it is data that tells you how people use your Web site, and what areas work best. You will be able to gather information on where your traffic is coming from, how many people visit daily, and what they do after they get to…

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Common Sense Internet Safety

By Roy | Jun 13, 2009

  Technology has been advancing at breakneck speed, especially in the last twenty years. And that especially goes for the Internet. Because of the Internet any small business has the same chance of marketing to the same people as the mega brick and mortar stores. There are so many ways to market your products, purchase…

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Using Video Effectively On Your Website

By Roy | Jun 7, 2009

  KARTHOST.com will start adding videos over the next few months to help our customers better understand our services and products and to better communicate with you. We believe that Videos are very important, and you should be adding video to YOUR site as well. And here are some tips/things to think about when YOU…

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Web Traffic

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

By Roy Randolph | Jun 3, 2009

For the majority of us, putting up a website is not simply a hobby or something we do for fun. In today’s business environment, who has the time for non-essential activities? Luckily, with constant updates to content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, building a high quality, professional website has become easier than ever. READ MORE: WHY…

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