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How to fix your broken Avatars in WordPress

By Gail Randolph | Nov 10, 2022

Here is one suggestion on how to correct your Avatar As you know your Avatar is a product of Gravatar that you have setup to use to identify yourself across the internet. But you have noticed your picture is not showing up especially inside your WordPress site. Now you are looking at your Avatar settings…

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When should I use file extensions jpg, gif, png, ai, gif, eps

How or When to Use File Extensions JPG, GIF, PNG, EPS, AI

By Roy Randolph | Jun 14, 2022

Uploading images to your website should be an easy task, but with so many file extension and resolution options, how can you know which is the best? In this complete guide, we discuss what is the file extension of choice for websites and what the future looks like for image file extensions.

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Computer user frustrated with passwords

The Problem with Passwords

By Roy Randolph | Jun 2, 2022

Creating a strong password that you can remember is hard enough, let alone making multiple ones! That is where password managers can truly transform your online security so you can avoid identity theft. Read on and we will also share our secret formula to create strong and memorable passwords.

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Better Docs for better knowledge base to support your clients

Is Your FAQ Answering Support Questions? Maybe you need BetterDocs!

By Roy Randolph | May 17, 2022

Is customer support a drain on your resources? Whether your business is big or small, customer support can be a real drain on your resources.  For smaller businesses of maybe one to three people, allocating time each day to respond to customer support requests is time that can be better spent building your business and…

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Data Tables made easy in WordPress with Ninja Tables by WPManagedNinja

The Next Generation of WordPress Data Tables

By Roy Randolph | May 12, 2022

NinjaTables is the fastest and most diverse solution to adding a data table to your WordPress site. With uses far beyond what you’d expect, like multimedia input and CRM integration, you can increase engagement and serve your products to your customers better than before.

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Office Desk with a Person Typing on a Laptop

FluentSupport: The new standard in Support Ticketing Systems

By Roy Randolph | May 10, 2022

FluentSupport is a complete helpdesk solution for WordPress that offers benefits for both customers and businesses alike with ticketing, product-based support, auto-response, and much more!

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Domain Name Privacy Protection laptop and security

Why does my Domain Name need Privacy Protection?

By Roy Randolph | May 5, 2022

Did you know that when you register your domain name, all of your personal details are made available on public record? Privacy Protection will help you keep your information secure and your inbox free from spam messaging and hackers.

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Create high-converting landing pages easily and quickly with WordPress. Let KartHost guide you through the benefits of this powerful plugin so you can start seeing results.

Landing pages made easy

By Roy Randolph | May 3, 2022

Create high-converting landing pages easily and quickly with WordPress. Let KartHost guide you through the benefits of this powerful plugin so you can start seeing results.

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Why Should Social Media Be Integrated on WordPress?

By Roy Randolph | Apr 28, 2022

What can integrate your social media channels into your WordPress website? Can this help capitalize on the time and resources you have invested in your social media? Or even improve trust with your clients, display trusted reviews, and chat more efficiently?

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