Free ID Privacy Protection & .COM Pricing Update

Free ID Privacy Protection & .COM Pricing Update

KartHost™ is on our clients’ side! We are now providing free ID Privacy Protection for your domain name WHOIS record legal document. That’s right at no COST!

Not sure what ID Privacy Protection is? Read More:

Protect your Privacy with Domain Privacy ID Protection



Over the past 18 months we’ve seen a huge increase in mass solicitation towards the owners of new domain names. Owners of domain names that have been recently purchased are getting hounded by domestic and international marketers and many are aggressive.

I first found out about this when one of our clients called us saying, “why are you calling us so many times and sending text messages and emails!” You can imagine my confusion, as KartHost™ doesn’t do this type of marketing. One customer accused us (KartHost™) of selling their information, even after we let this customer know what was going on and how these bully marketers were getting their information. Ultimately because of these bully marketers we lost this customer’s business of no fault of our own.  Folk’s this just isn’t right to either party! We both lose.

How To Get Your Free ID Privacy Protection

Our ID Privacy Protection is handled by a third party,, a great company out of Massachusetts, USA. KartHost™ has previously been charging an industry low rate of $6.99 a year per domain (compared to GoDaddys’ $7.99-9.99 per year).

Starting immediately April 23, 2018, we are offering ID Privacy Protection at NO COST FOR KARTHOST™ CUSTOMERS! That’s right $0 per year, per domain name.

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