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10 Lesson EZWP WordPress Course - Lesson Plan
Perfect for Beginners and Designers!

Lesson 1 - WordPress Basic Introduction

A walk through of the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) you will be using everyday.  End of today's class you will feel comfortable in navigating your way around your very own fully functional training site you'll get to use during class.

Lesson 2 - WordPress Media | Special Coming Soon Page | Mailing Lists | Lead Generator

 IMPORTANT NOTE: The SeedProd "Coming Soon Pro" plugin has been upgraded since this Lesson. The Coming Soon Pro plugin is now on version 6.X and allows you to do much more. Until we can recreate this lesson you will find References on this NEW plugin at these Links: https://www.seedprod.com/docs/ and a blog post step by step here: https://www.seedprod.com/how-to-create-a-coming-soon-page-in-wordpress/

Adding and manipulating the media that will create the atmosphere for your users and showing you the inter-workings of a marketing "Coming Soon" page that will allow you to promote your website while you are building behind the scenes.

Additional YouTube Video for the new SeedProd Coming Soon v6.
How to create a coming soon page in WordPress (using SeedProd)
Note you can skip the first two minutes, as your plugin will be already loaded.

Lesson 3 - WordPress Theme | Theme Customizer and Widgets

Understanding the theme allows for time-saving customization and the structure of your website. You'll be shown how to set globalization using the Customizer and what WordPress Widgets are and how to use them

Lesson 4 - WordPress Pages | Headers | Menus

The ever-present header that will allow your users to navigate to the content of their choice. A walk through pages how to add and delete and create new menu items on your site navigation.

Lesson 5 - Beaver Builder Page Building Introduction

With a solid foundation in the last 4 pages we go over the Beaver Builder page builder one of the top WordPress page builders on the market. You will learn the basics and utilizing it's drag-and-drop capability. This is where the REAL fun begins!

Lesson 6 - Beaver Builder Advanced

More Beaver Builder fun! We will go deeper into Beaver Builder, their is a 'lot of coolness' to Beaver Builder. You will really like today's class.

Lesson 7 - WordPress Website Utility Belt

Vital tools that every website needs to function from privacy policies to Google Map API keys and more. A Website isn't complete without these tools.

Lesson 8 - The Importance of Blogging & How to Add to Your Site

Dynamic and categorization content using the pioneers of blogging CMS system, WordPress. And how to create your own Customized Blog Archive page that says "you"!

Lesson 9 - Convert Pro Popups and Fluent Forms

Increase engagement on your site and a way to increase your conversations on your website with Convert Pro Popups. And how to build awesome Forms with Fluent Forms for your website. Your friends will ask who you hired to build such a nice form!

Lesson 10 - SEO and Graduation

In reality we could have a week long class on SEO, Search Engine Optimization! Understanding SEO gives you that advantage over any competition. You will learn how SEO works, why you need to optimize your Pages & Posts so you can be ranked high by the search engines. This will be a very informative class that is perfect for the last day of class to get you launched to a successful website!