Client Spotlight: Susanna Dussing

Today’s Spotlight is focused on Susanna Dussling who just completed the conversion of her original website she created for her professional speaking business by using the KartHost EZWP Builder.

Susanna has a great message and you will love her story. You see she has total hearing loss and is a bilateral cochlear implant wearer. Susanna came to us last year, as she said, “wanting to reboot her speaking career” and at the time she had a very ineffective website needing to be updated. We brained stormed with Susanna on the best way to go about building her new site. We discussed custom built options or select one of our EZWP Starter Sites with KartHost to build out or Susanna to build out herself. She ultimately decided to finish the EZWP Starter website herself.

Susan M Dussling
Susan with Austin, KartHost EZWP Guru

Susanna mentioned that the EZWP Builder enabled her to build her website exactly the way she envisioned it. Once she viewed several of the training videos, “I was able to build my website with ease” said Susanna. She continued to say “Sure, there were some challenges; however, I overcame them because the staff at KartHost was accessible, informative, and reliable”.

During our brainstorming session, we also asked Susanna if she has ever heard of Donald Miller and the “The Story Brand Model” she hadn’t. We let her know the prettiest and easiest to use website in the world is worthless unless it has good copy. We knew Donald Miller of Story Brand could help her with her message and introduced her to his book. As she puts it “The Story Brand Model is relevant, current and minimalist” this helped her to create the copy that connects with visitors to her site.

A few months ago, Susanna went live with her website promoting herself as a Keynote Speaker/Trainer who speaks on Change, Success, Leadership and/or Hearing Loss.

Here is Susanna’s short story…

Why I do it? I lived it.  I know adversity—I was born deaf but live in a hearing world. As a bilateral cochlear implant wearer, and former hearing aid user. I use my experiences to teach you that despite setbacks, it is possible to achieve success with a positive attitude.
I gained extensive knowledge and experience from my past professional 20+ year career as a retail leader. When my retail career ended due to being fired, I went back to school to earn my Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development (HRD).   Why HRD?  I realized that I enjoyed training and inspiring others to achieve success. This program aligned with my future aspirations.
My mission in life is to empower others to success.   After all, we all have a story to share and we all have experienced adversity.  I also wrote Sunny and her Cochlear Implants, a children’s book about hope and acceptance with a “can do” attitude. 

Find out more about Susanna and see her website creation You can also call 281-818-0547 or email at [email protected]

Now, what is your story? You should get the message out about you and your business, many won’t. You can be the exception. Invite the world via social media into your internet home at Like Susanna, we help you establish a solid internet home. The build out is up to you. We build it, we help you build it and options in between. But regardless of which option you decide it starts with you taking Action Today. Remember “someday” isn’t on the calendar, what day is the day you will take action like Susanna?

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