Countdown to GDPR: Effective May 25, 2018

Personal Data Security GDPR

Beginning in a matter of mere weeks, the EU will be enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – a set of laws designed to protect the personal data of its citizens. Effective May 25, the GDPR applies to any company that processes or stores the personal data of EU citizens. GDPR BASIC COMPLIANCE A…

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Stand Out On Google Using Schema Markup (A Quick How-To)

Schema Database Flowchart

We know what you’re thinking. A quick guide to what-a? Schema (pronounced shee-mah) might sound foreign and complicated, but we’re here to help you easily master it. Learn to properly use schema and your website listing on search engine results pages will be detailed, distinct and get more clicks. Schema is structured data that translates web…

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How to Protect Personal & Payment Data And Avoid Fines

EU Personal Data Laws Online

How much is your privacy and personal information worth to you? For hackers, that number is about $41.47/per hour profit totaling over $110 billion since 2010 (according to password app company, Keeper). $110 billion with a “b” – that’s how much hackers have stolen in just 7 years by breaking into databases and selling personal…

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For Online Sellers: Sales and Income Tax Amnesty Program

Online Seller Taxes

The Multistate Tax Commission (MTC) recently unveiled an amnesty program which will allow some online sellers to waive any previous tax liability, including interest and penalties, in states they have a sales tax nexus with. Twenty four states are currently participating in the the MTC National nexus amnesty program, which runs from August 17 –…

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How To List Your Home-Based Business Online & Get Found

Results Get Found

Thanks to the internet, it’s no longer necessary to open a store front to reach customers. It’s the first place 4 out of 5 consumers turn to when looking for a business or product information. So how do you ensure your web based business is easily found on the web? Here are the first steps…

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SEO Essentials: The Checklist (Part 2)

SEO Friendly

In our previous blog, SEO: The Basics we covered what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, why it is important and the first basic steps that go into the back-end planning stages of setting up your website so it can be easily found by users. Now, for part 2 of our blog series, let’s delve a…

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Get On The Map!

Does your business show up on Google Maps? With more than 1 billion user downloads, it should. So how do you get your business on the map? The answer is simple. And the best part? It’s free. Your listing starts with Google My Business Once you create your free business listing on Google My Business…

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Be Socially Savvy With WordPress Plug-Ins

Get Socially Savvy

2.3 billion – the amount of active social media users worldwide 1 million – the daily number of new active mobile social users (or 12 per second) 4.5 billion – the daily number of likes on Facebook 500 million – the daily number of Tweets 95 million – the number of photos/videos uploaded to Instagram…

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Have I Been Pnwed?

Asked by KartHost Have You Been Pwned is the question?

A play on the word owned, pwned is a slang word that means “to appropriate or to conquer to gain ownership”. Or, in simpler terms means your personal data has been compromised by a hack or data breach. After such widespread and public hacks, like the Democratic Party emails in  summer 2016 or the Yahoo…

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It's A Sales Tax Showdown

  Next year marks the 25 year anniversary of Quill Corp. v. North Dakota – a U.S. Supreme Court ruling exempting online businesses from paying taxes in states they have no significant presence. 2017 may also be the year this exemption comes to an end. There are currently two bills (the Marketplace Fairness Act &  the Remote Transactions…

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