Client Spotlight: Susanna Dussing

Susanna M Dussling Keynote Speaker

Today’s Spotlight is focused on Susanna Dussling who just completed the conversion of her original website she created for her professional speaking business by using the KartHost EZWP Builder. Susanna has a great message and you will love her story. You see she has total hearing loss and is a bilateral cochlear implant wearer. Susanna…

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WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg Editor

WordPress 5.0 was released today after over a year of development, it is a MAJOR release that includes a Drastic change in its Page and Post Editor, Gutenberg. First let me say, the overall changes are for the better. The ones that might have issues with these changes are those that have OLD Templates or…

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How Google’s “Not Secure” Warning Affects Your Site

HTTPS browser bar

Every year, Microsoft, Google and all the big names tech make advancements in securing the internet and protecting people’s privacy. They are continually rolling out new features aimed at improving browser security. One of the biggest updates we’ve seen is included in the newest release of Google’s web browser Chrome. Google is now marking all…

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Free ID Privacy Protection & .COM Pricing Update

KartHost™ is on our clients’ side! We are now providing free ID Privacy Protection for your domain name WHOIS record legal document. That’s right at no COST! Not sure what ID Privacy Protection is? Read More: Protect your Privacy with Domain Privacy ID Protection PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY Over the past 18 months we’ve seen a…

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2018: A Roadmap To Connecting Customers

2018 Goals

We know how hectic these first few weeks can be, so we are sending a quick note to share with you a few exciting changes and updates KartHost™ will be debuting in 2018. This year we really want to focus on connecting our customers to as many resources as possible to guide them through their…

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How to Protect Personal & Payment Data And Avoid Fines

EU Personal Data Laws Online

How much is your privacy and personal information worth to you? For hackers, that number is about $41.47/per hour profit totaling over $110 billion since 2010 (according to password app company, Keeper). $110 billion with a “b” – that’s how much hackers have stolen in just 7 years by breaking into databases and selling personal…

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KloudEmail FAQ

The following are a few of the questions we hear and answer regularly. If your question is not listed be sure to either send us a note or submit a support ticket. What is Mobile Sync? Mobile Sync is a Microsoft Exchange technology that allows you to sync not only your emails, email folders,  but…

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Secure vs. Encrypted Email: What’s The Difference?

Encryption Lock

Keeping information private and secure on the world wide web has become an increasingly hot topic. With the CIA data breeches making global headline news, it goes to show you that no one is exempt from exposing their own personal information, their friend’s, family’s and even their client’s. The cyberattacks during the 2016 presidential election have…

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KloudEmail Changes You have been asking for

Update: The upgrades effective May 31, 2017 You’ve been asking, and we’ve delivered. In our continual push to make things easier on you and your business, we have recently undergone a ‘fixer upper’ / makeover of our KloudEmail services. As with any makeover, we had to tear down a few walls and shake things up a bit.…

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