Advanced Managed VPS Hosting for WordPress

The Convesio Stack we employ on our VPS platforms is the
first self-healing, auto-scaling, platform-as-a-service for creating and managing WordPress websites.


Cutting Edge WordPress Hosting

First, understand that all WordPress hosting isn’t created equal. There are two popular ways to host WordPress. One being Shared Hosting and the Second being Virtual Private Servers (aka VPS) Let's explore the two most popular ways Continue...

Typical WordPress Hosting is the Problem

Tom Fanelli CEO of Convesio

Shared Hosting

Most WordPress websites are hosted using shared hosting, which works by putting many websites on the same server to have those sites share certain resources (memory, CPUs, databases, etc.) With many budget hosting providers, each server may contain thousands of websites. If any one of those websites goes viral, gets hacked, or worse yet, becomes victim of a distributed denial of service attack (DDOS), every site on the server will feel the effects. Unfortunately, a Virtual Private Server isn’t going to solve these problems either.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have become the work around solution for higher-end hosting providers. With a VPS, a site is isolated from the other sites on the server and not reliant on the mutual resources common with shared hosting. A VPS will protect a site from many of the problems with shared hosting yet does not fix everything. A VPS does not protect from hardware failures, nor can it protect a site from slowdown due to the server being overwhelmed by another site’s traffic. Most VPS solutions still run on one server, a single point of failure.

The WordPress Hosting Problem has been solved! Yes!

The Fully Managed VPS Container Hosting for WordPress system uses a container-based approach to isolate your website from the other sites on the server, thus protecting you from bad neighbors just like a VPS. However, unlike a VPS, the Convesio system can instantly spin up new containers (containing a complete, up-to-date version of your website) to load balance traffic on your site. Our system can create containers on multiple servers, sharing the load and eliminating the single point of failure. In addition to rock-solid uptime, every site is optimized with the fastest WordPress configuration around. Running PHP 7+, a customized caching layer and distributed file system gives your site high availability, performance, and redundancy.

Your Choice of Geographically Located VPS Containers

Benefit Better SEO in Your Local Market!

Choice of USA | United Kingdom | Australia
If you are targeting the UK or AU with your business, having your website based in the country you are targeting is important for local searches. Couple that with a .uk or for the United Kingdom market or for the Australia market will give you a great local market presence.

Global VPS Container Choice at KartHost
High Available Container VPS designed for WordPress from KartHost

Scalable WordPress VPS Container Hosting Architecture

Benefit Handle more traffic and incredible uptime!

The challenge of operating WordPress in a high availability scalable environment using both open-source software and Convesio proprietary code in a managed platform environment at an affordable price has now been solved.

Proprietary Convesio Components include:

  • Node.JS Load Balancer & Firewall
  • Custom Caching Layer
  • File System Mounts
  • Micro Caching for GlusterFS

What does this mean for your website?  Simply put, if the traffic coming to your site should sudden surge (and depending on the service level you have) instantly containers will be created to allow the sudden increase of traffic to your site.

Think of it this way, if your website suddenly went viral or you were featured on a national television show or youtube video going viral. Could your existing hosting service "scale up" instantly to handle the surge in traffic? And if so at what cost?

At a very affordable cost, we have made it possible for small business websites or individual blogs to have this capability!

Automated Backups

Benefit You have a backup copy of your site!

Letting you sleep at night with the comfort that your WordPress site is being  Automatically being Backed Up:
Our standard automatic backup schedule:

  • 1 Daily backup held for 15 days
  • 1 Monthly backup held for 12 months
  • Optional Custom Backup Schedules on request
WordPress Advanced VPS Container Hosting Backups
Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate with all KartHost Advanced VPS WordPress Hosting

Free Let’s Encrypt
SSL Certificate

Benefit Better SEO and Privacy for your Visitors!

All websites need SSL/TLS for security. If you take any information on your website including login your site needs to be on SSL. Even a simple blog or website of any type needs SSL not only for privacy but to give your site an SEO boost from the search engines, like Google. Your WordPress hosting will have a FREE Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate available.

Domain Names
are Easily Added

Benefit Simple to Add Domains for your Website!

We are happy to add as many domains as you wish per site. Just let us know which is the Primary Domain and that is automatically added to your WordPress install.

Domain Names Easy to Add with KartHost WordPress Advanced VPS Container Hosting
Convesio Platform Caching

Fast Caching

Benefit No 3rd Party Caching Plugin Required!

The proprietary Convesio caching is completely custom built and designed from the ground up for WordPress. Zero 3rd party plugins required and 100% built into the platform. We can set both Static and Dynamic Time To Live settings and use regular expressions to control page-level caching if you wish.  

SFTP Access

Benefit When you Need Secure Access to Site Files!

Mainly for developers that need access to the WordPress files or those advanced users that need to access their site via SFTP. Each WordPress install has its own unique SFTP account. 

SFTP Access with KartHost WordPress Advanced VPS Hosting
phpMyAdmin access for KartHost WordPress Advanced Container Hosting

Database Access
with phpMyAdmin

Benefit Allow Pros to access your WordPress Sites Database!

Access your database with the standard tools like phpMyAdmin. Perform Imports, Exports, SQL Queries and more. Every database runs in a MySQL Percona Cluster which can either be shared or private.


Benefit Detects then fixes vulnerabilities & malware.

Patchman is a server-level solution that runs behind the scenes — customers do not have to install, configure it or be aware of it.
  • Patchman detects vulnerabilities, extracts security fixes from new releases and backports them to all earlier versions
  • Malware is automatically detected and quarantined.
We are alerted when Patchman finds an issue and double check that it has cleaned up the problem correctly.

Human Presence

Benefit Behaviour analysis engine that detects and eliminates 99% of all malicious bot spam.

Human Presence has developed a behaviour analysis engine that detects and eliminates 99% of all malicious bot spam.
  • It’s invisible to website visitors and more effective than more popular solutions such as Recaptcha, Akismet Anti-Spam or Honeypot.
  • Protects forms, comments and reviews
  • Stops data and content being scraped from your website
  • Stops analytics spam
Aggregate bot data recorded across all of our servers allows us to implement additional blocks further ‘upstream’ on our network.


Have questions still? No problem. View our most Frequent Asked Questions below...

KartHost has been hosting websites since the year 2000. We have always looked for the best of hosting platforms since we have been in business. We have added the proprietary Convesio stack to our offering and come to appreciate that these combinations of technologies both proprietary and open source are the next-generation platform for hosting WordPress sites. One we are excited about!

Unlike traditional WordPress hosting solutions, the Convesio platform addresses limitations in shared and VPS hosting by providing a multi-tenant, redundant environment powered by Docker Containers. Each site running on the platform is backed by a redundant file system, database cluster, scalable PHP Runtime, and self-healing architecture.

We believe you will be as excited as we are when your site is operating on this new state of the art platform.

KartHost has been involved in beta testing the platform since early 2019.

With Caching enabled a single container site has been tested with 2000 concurrent users over a 2 hour period with 8.8M requests being served and a sustained Requests Per Second of over 1400 with an error rate of 0.065%.

Important Note: This was an un-throttled test that was designed to push the limits of a single container site and not to be considered the capacity of our $16/month/site price. The North American cluster is handling over 70 million requests per month as of March 2019.

The majority of Shared hosting providers typically use many off the shelf products to offer a very generic hosting solution designed for a wide array of websites (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopping Carts, Custom Apps and more). In fact, KartHost cPanel Hosting uses the same technology except we do not overload our dedicated cPanel.

However, our WordPress Advanced VPS Container hosting is 100% focused on hosting WordPress. Our Advanced VPS Container hosting was designed specifically for WordPress. We do not support any other content management systems or custom code outside of the WordPress framework of Themes and Plugins on the Advanced VPS Container platform, thus the name WordPress Advanced VPS Container hosting.

The KartHost Advanced Managed VPS platform for WordPress is totally different than what standard web hosting providers. We provide all the important tools to allow experienced WordPress users to manage their hosting like SFTP, phpMyAdmin, and implementation of PHP, Percona, GlusterFS, and other components to make sure your WordPress site is running at a high-performance level.

We use "best in class" servers. So KartHost Advanced Managed VPS for WordPress hosting is Datacenter agnostic. We can deploy on bare metal servers and cloud providers such as Amazon. While Amazon is the current provider of the web servers, Google Cloud, and coming in the future Digital Ocean.

We provide you to choose from the United States (default), the United Kingdom, and Australia.

If you are planning a business that is targeting anywhere in those markets (regardless of where you are based) it will help with "local" SEO in those countries.

Coming later in 2020, we plan on server locations in South America, South Africa, European Union, and more as needed.

Should you have a large number of websites and would like dedicated hardware, we do offer a private cloud version of this platform which will allow you to have a dedicated cluster in your region of choice. Contact us for details.

While yes! A website can run in one single PHP Runtime container or multiple containers. There are a fixed number of PHP Workers and vCPU's in each container. 

If you have a processor intense WordPress website (example eCommerce, social site, News site, Membership site etc.) and have a large number of visitors you will for sure want to run your website in multiple containers from the onset. 

We are sorry to say at the moment, no. However, as we roll out this platform we will be adding Multisite in the future. 

There are many WordPress hosting providers using containers, but using containers is only a small part of the story. KartHost containers in a much different way. Our competitors are using containers as the next generation VPS. All the components run in a scalable container. This creates an environment similar to a traditional VPS with all the same normal Single Points of Failure associated with WordPress.

KartHost has a container-based architecture that is scalable at several different layers. For example, your WordPress runtime, which is just your PHP Instance, can scale separately from your DB Instance and our Load Balancers. When your WordPress website starts to get a large amount of traffic or is becoming compute-intensive these other container-based systems can scale up your resources increasing RAM, CPU, etc to handle the load.

The difference is the KartHost Advanced Managed VPS Container system architecture uses a scale-out process to replicate your site running in multiple containers. And these multiple containers are attached to a multi-node Percona XtraDB Cluster. This is advantageous because the platform we have gives us the ability to run your site on multiple servers simultaneously, which greatly increases redundancy and scaling capacity. 

And we can give this to you at affordable pricing!

No 3rd party caching plugin is needed!

KartHost using Convesio semi-proprietary caching implementation featuring 3 distinct layers of caching.

[1] Layer 1 (L1) of the caching resides at our load balancer layer.

[2] Layer 2 (L2) uses NGINX micro caching.

[3] Layer 3 (L3) runs inside each container with the PHP runtime of the site and utilizes Varnish.

And L1 decides what will be stored on L2 and L3. Based on how many requests an asset receives and the number of times it has been modified during those requests.

Intelligent Caching is enabled by this implementation that is aware of content changes at the container level and distributes load to optimize performance.

*L1 and L2 are in production and L3 scheduled for release in the near future.